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PolyesterThought is on Twitter

PolyesterThought has recently started a Twitter account (@Poly_Thought), and we invite everyone to follow us. Our primary interests are the ever evolving cyberculture, how our politics are moving into the virtual realm, technology, futurism, the Singularity, Transhumanism, the Arts and Music. And we almost always follow back, unless we are certain you are going to fill our feed full of marketing spam.

We also have created a number of special interest lists that each focus on different areas. For example, the list to the right of this entry is a tweet feed primarily focused on technology. Please feel free to follow any of these lists if you want.

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Conspiracy of Three

Reading Group Assisted by PolyesterThought

'The Conspiracy of Three' Aided in Creating Interwebs Presence by PT

North Bay, Ontario's long running reading series, The Conspiracy of Three, has received assistance from PolyesterThought in establishing an Internet page, PolyesterThought also helped by getting the group up and running on Facebook and on Twitter.

Last Updated March 19, 2011
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