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About PolyesterThought

PolyesterThought is a collaborative, creative effort between Wayne Borody and Kevin D Smith. For Borody and Smith, PolyesterThought has become more than a banner under which they work together, but also a means to describe their method of creation-- a virtual symbiotic process beginning in intellectual reflection, which then moves into artistic expression.

PolyesterThought was founded by Borody and Smith in the Spring of 2001 as a way to team up on a project based on the life, writing and subsequent influence of Friedrich Nietzsche, the German poet, philosopher, writer and composer. In the process of developing this production, PolyesterThought temporarily took on the form of a creative collective which included Daniel Elzinga, Greg Foster and Natalie Wilson, amongst others. In the course of working on this venture, a performance element also developed, along with some side projects. "One off" performances under the name PolyesterThought began to occur that were or were not related to the initial "Nietzsche Project".

In May of 2004, PolyesterThought's participation in the Phantom Power Festival in North Bay (May 20 to 22) was instrumental in helping forge a relationship between the group and Dermot Wilson (no relation to Natalie). Since then, Wilson has performed with the group, or members of the group, numerous times. Through these collaborative efforts, Wilson played a fundamental role in PolyesterThought's development as New Media Installation and Performance Artists, and eventually joined them in 2012. Together with Smith, he has an ongoing project using primarily found imagery and sound for a performance/installation series titled "We Claim Anonymity", which was included in FAAS 3, in Sudbury, ON.

The legacy of PolyesterThought's original "Nietzsche Project", is the Compact Disc "Nietzsche Metamorphica: Contemporary Music Based on the Life and Writings of Friedrich Nietzsche". This CD is available for sale on Amazon.

Since completing "Nietzsche Metamorphica", PolyesterThought has continued working with New Media, and created works centering on technology and Transhumanism. "The Bermuda Triangle of the Pot Calling the Kettle Black" is an example of such work, where PolyesterThought offer a satirical, albeit critical, commentary in response to Julian Salvulescu's 2009 talk at The Festival of Dangerous Ideas held in Sydney.

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Nietzsche Metamorphica

PolyesterThought continues to move forward, employing New Media to explore issues involving Futurism, Transhumanism, the virtualization of our social and political lives, and emerging issues of the Internet, such as anonymity and privacy.

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